Titanic II Shipyard Shortlist

Illustration only (NOT the Titanic II)

May 2002: Deltamarin, the Finnish navel architects,  said that construction of the Titanic II had not started yet (we all new that).

However at the moment different ship-building yards are being shortlisted. They also said that unfortunately the Covid-19 situation will make the response time from the various yards quite long. However, they expect to get some responses by the end of Q2/2020.

Deltmarin made it clear some time back that they would be “shopping” around for a suitable shipyard. I suppose capability, price and availability all play a part. Many shipyards have a near full order book for new ships, over the next five to ten years.  Many new ships were ordered by the major players (and some of the minor ones too), pre-pandemic. It would be very expensive to actually cancel these ship building contracts.  I would expect most to go ahead, even if the cruise lines no longer need more big new ship in the near future.

Clive Palmer, the mastermind behind the Titanic II project did originally say that the ‘Jinling’ shipyard in China would be constructing the ship. However this may well NOT be the case, unless they meet Deltamarin’s criteria.

Watch this space!


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