Has Covid-19 Delayed Titanic II?

News about the progress of the Titanic II project is virtually non-existent and has been all year.

I can understand readers being extremely sceptical whether the project is still on-going and if it will ever come to fruition.

However I can ASSURE you that Deltamarin, the Finnish navel architects, REALLY HAVE been working on the project this year.

On the 14th April, 2020 I asked them this simple question:

Q. I hope that all of the Deltamarin staff are well? Has the virus caused the work to be suspended on the Titanic II project?

A. Thank you for asking, we are well. The virus has not caused any suspension, the work continues.

So there you have the definitive answer. I would expect the shipyard* to be selected later this year or at least in early 2021.

*(It may well NOT be the Jiningling shipyard in China, as first suggested by Mr. Palmer.)


2 thoughts on “Has Covid-19 Delayed Titanic II?

  1. Has there been a reconsideration of the look of the stern? In the Titanic II
    design, it was blunt and awkward and had very little resemblance to the original Titanic’s
    graceful counter stern.

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