Titanic II Update Feb. 2020

The Titanic II project is NOT dead.

Here are my recent communications with Deltamarin, the Swedish Navel Architects designing the actual ship.

I discussed the progress of the Titanic II project with them:

Malcolm: (December 2019) So it’s the end of Q4. Have you finished the design of Titanic II as expected?

Deltamarin: Design work is still going on and will also continue after the shipbuilding contract. We are still in the stage where we are finalizing the conceptual design.

Malcolm: (January 2020) Hi Deltamarin, does these mean that the project is behind schedule?

Deltamarin: This project is like any other passenger vessel projects typically are.  The conceptual design phase often continues longer than possibly expected because new ideas, all different features and possible technical solutions are considered at this particular stage.


2 thoughts on “Titanic II Update Feb. 2020

  1. I tried to ask them if they would cover up the huge eyesore that is life boat deck behind doors, and they said the possibility was among the ones they studied, but they couldn’t comment further. Hurray …

    1. Yes i heard that idea. It would be very cool. I suppose SOLAS has to approve that the doors are safe and cant jam. The secrecy annoys me.Best tegards, Malcolm.

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